Who Is Shakira’s New Boyfriend, Gorka Ezkurdia?

Who Is Shakira’s New Boyfriend. Shakira is rumored to have found a new love interest following her divorce from former Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique

Several online sources including Marca have hinted at the possibility of a revival of Shakira’s love life. The situation between Shakira and Pique had been tense over the past few months. The pair met each other in 2010. What followed was a beautiful love story spanning 12 years, resulting in 2 children, and culminating in divorce in 2022. 

The months following their separation have not been free from controversy and even witnessed Pique’s retirement. The Spanish defender announced his retirement from professional soccer at age 35. 

The storm now seems to have come to a standstill, and with it, a resumption of normal life for both parties. The 45-year-old Colombian singer is rumored to have found a new boyfriend in 24-year-old surfer Gorka Ezkurdia. 

Several photos that have surfaced online, show Shakira and Gorka surfing together. The pictures display a certain “closeness” between the pair, as reported by Spanish outlet Marca. 

Marca has also reported that the pair have not been spotted together for the first time. 

Gorka Ezkurdia is Shakira’s surf instructor

Gorka Ezkurdia has been surfing since 2007 and also indulges in underwater photography since 2015. After many years of surfing, Ezkurdia decided to teach people how to surf. As per reports, this is also how he met the singer who delivered hits like Waka Waka in 2010. 

Shakira was reportedly on vacation when she decided to learn surfing, and encountered Ezkurida in the process. Both of them have grown quite fond of each other as displayed by the intimacy in the pictures that have surfaced. Shakira has been spotted getting close to her surfing instructor. 

Where is Gorka Ezkurdia from?

Gorka Ezkurdia was born in the Spanish town of Oiartzun, located in the Basque Country. 

His local beach of La Zurriola is where he can be spotted on most occasions, doing what he is most passionate about, that is, surfing. La Zurriola is located in San Sebastian, a part of the Basque Country.

He got into the sport of surfing in 2007 when he began attending a course for the same. While pursuing proficiency in the field of surfing, he also achieved the status of a renowned photographer, specializing in underwater photographs. 

His profession led him to interact with many world-class surfers who frequented the beach of La Zurriola. He has been traveling, surfing, and taking pictures as a professional photographer ever since. 

Shakira and Pique sign a child custody agreement

Colombian Singer Shakira and former soccer star Pique have reportedly already signed a child custody agreement. 

Shakira and Pique have two children. Milan Pique Mebarak, aged nine, and Sasha Pique Mebarak, aged 7. 

Pique has given in to the wishes of the Colombian pop star, following a long meeting with her in which he decided to allow their kids to live with their mother. This will result in Sasha and Milan, relocating to Miami to live with Shakira. 

The news of Shakira’s newfound romance with Gorka Ezkurdia has come after the agreement for child custody was signed. 



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