SHAKIRA and PIQUE in the Paddock: the unexpected encounter, what is happening?

Shakira e Piquè – foto repertorio

Shakira and Piqué, the most talked-about couple of the past year, will have a surprise encounter in the paddock, but what’s happening?

On April 2nd, Shakira packed her bags and moved to Miami to start a new life with her children, Milan and Sasha, after her tumultuous breakup with Gerard Piqué. During this time, it was the Catalan who traveled to the United States to be with his children, but now it is they who have returned to Spain at the end of the school year.

Although it was believed that the former Barcelona defender would travel to Miami to pick them up, it was ultimately the Colombian who made the trip, and it was not empty-handed. Upon her arrival in Barcelona, the author of Acróstico arrived with about twenty suitcases, as revealed by the program Socialité. While it is unknown why she needs so much luggage, after landing, the three headed to the house where they used to live in Barcelona, where it seems that the children and their father will be staying. They will be with him at least until the following Monday, June 19th, “two days after the scheduled date as compensation for the 48-hour delay in delivery,” as revealed by La Vanguardia.

La cantante Shakira a su llegada a Barcelona. (Europa Press)

The New Encounter

This is not the only reason why Shakira and Piqué are back in the news. The former couple will meet at the major sporting event of the weekend, the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix, which takes place at the Montmeló circuit and to which they have both been invited.

This was revealed by Antonio Lobato, who shared a message on his social media that sparked thousands of reactions within minutes. “The biggest tension at the moment in the paddock is that Gerard Piqué and Shakira are among the long list of invited VIPs,” he wrote.

After months of tension, reproaches, allusions, and controversies, this is the first time the former couple has been seen together in public at the same event, although it does not mean they have been together, let alone. However, as revealed by the sports journalist, those present in the paddock seemed to be attentive to the possible reactions between them.

The Anniversary

Interestingly, this meeting in Montmeló took place on the anniversary of the announcement of their separation. On June 4th, 2022, Gerard Piqué and Shakira shared a joint statement in which they officially confirmed their breakup after weeks of rumors. “We are sorry to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask for respect for our privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” read the message, with which the athlete and the singer put an end to a 12-year relationship during which they became parents to two children.

Despite their request for privacy to handle the breakup as discreetly as possible, it was the Colombian who “broke” this rule. In the following weeks, Shakira released several songs filled with allusions that seemed to be directed at the father of her children. The turning point was the track “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” with Bizarrap, in which she referenced her ex’s name and his current partner, Clara Chía.



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